Vintage Fashion Looks Re-Created

Dress Like A Vintage Pin-Up For September

Every month I will be running one of these age fashion looks re-created. They will be specific for each month with seasonal clothing etc.

I will post a picture of a vintage pin-up then try to re-create her look with fashions available today. This months pin-up is this fabulous lady, she looks like she has been out and about in the countryside, possibly fruit picking!

She is wearing some sort of fitted peasant blouse, brown leather belt, a knee length A-line floral skirt, white low heel sandals, and a large country style straw hat.

I could not find a similar shirt, but the peasant blouse I found will have the same low cut effect when tucked into the skirt and secured with the belt.

The sandals I have picked out have a less chunky heel, just could not find chunkier sandals in white.

The pinup picture used is in the public domain

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