Wire Jig Review - Wig Jig Cyclops And Centaur

If you enjoy working with wire, beading, or jewelry making, then a good wire jig is a must. A wire jig allows you to work to a set pattern which results in consistent pieces of jewelry every time. This is especially useful for making earrings where each must be identical.

I recently bought 2 different 'Wig-Jigs' after researching all of the available wire jigs on the market, and I'm really happy with them!

I was previously using a Fiskars Wire Winder, which is also a great jig, but differs to the Wig Jig as it has fixed pegs and you have to buy different design templates. Because of this the designs you can make are quite limited. Also Fiskars have discontinued this item and it has become hard, and expensive to get hold of... Boo Hoo! I had to find an alternative wire jig.
I bought my Wig-Jig Cyclops because I liked the hole spacing, and circular design. Wig-Jigs are the best quality wire jigs available, they are made from thick acrylic, with precision drilled holes, the pegs do not poke out of the base of the jig, unlike other makes. With a Wigjig the pegs are removable, which makes it much easier to use than a jig with fixed pegs. The Wig Jig Cyclops come with 10 regular pegs but you can also get a range of different sized pegs to use with it.

Wig Jigs come in other designs too, there is a Wig Jig Delphi, which has square format holes, the Centaur, which is a combination of the Delphi and Cyclops, (I also have this one! ) The Olympus, a larger version of the Delphi, and the Electra, a larger version of the Cyclops.

WigJig Centaur - Wire Jig With Dual Function

The WigJig Centaur is a combination of the Olympus and the Delphi wire jigs.

This model is really useful for making earrings and other delicate pieces. The combination of circular and square format is really handy too. The product shown is the lite version, which is the one I have.

WigJig Large Round Super Pegs

These are larger pegs that can be used with a Wigjig to make larger circles and hoops.

Small Super Pegs For Wig Jig 

These little pegs come in a range of sizes for the wire to loop round. These are the next items on my 'to buy list'.

A wire jig is useful for making all kinds of things from wire, not just jewelry. You can make Christmas decorations, decorations in general, photo frames, wall sculptures...

I have been making Christmas tree ornaments and quite a lot of earrings! Warning - It's addictive!

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