Unique Vintage Clothing

Vintage Fashion At The Walpole Bay Hotel Museum

I can say with confidence that I have never been to a museum that lets you get so up-close and personal with the exhibits,

As well as being a fully functional hotel, decorated in a post Edwardian style, the Warpole Bay Hotel also has a duel purpose as a museum. Interesting!

If you are not blown away by the gorgeous art deco and art nouvea furnishings and decor on the ground floor, then take a trip up to the second floor which is literally jam packed with interesting vintage objects.

I personally came to partake in a cup of tea, and see the unique vintage clothing that is displayed there in a charming, sometimes hap-hazard way. If fashion is not your thing, there are all sorts of old fashioned homewares, dolls, furnishings, technology, ornaments... You never know what you will find, it's like grandmas attic on a grand scale.

Some of the exhibits are neatly framed and hung on the wall, and others are clustered into themed box rooms, there's a room of old sewing machines, a room of vintage clothings, a room of old bottles, and lots more... The picture shows two gorgeous vintage silk wedding dresses.

Beautiful Vintage Lace Wedding Dress

This was in the same room as the wedding dresses in the picture above. This particular one is a gorgeous white lace dress, with long sleeves. There is a ruffled silk panel that runs down the front of the dress.

1920's Sequin Flapper Dresses

Someone with a sense of humour has dressed the mannequin in the grey colored dress in a hot pink dollar store boa, and 80's glove! :0 Totally ruins the pic, but Lol!

The blue colored dress was amazing, covered in sequins, with a flower and radiating strips detail. The second picture shows it closer. The bodice had intricate beading in silver, with fringed beads, The longer silver beads you can see hanging are actually a flapper head-dress which was hanging around the neck of the mannequin.


Fringed And Beaded Flapper Dress With Butterfly Appliques

This was a shorter flapper dress, I like the way the beads are placed along the fringing at different heights. I got quite a lot of inspiration from this dress.

A Collection Of Vintage Brooches And Gloves

These were framed collections of long evening gloves and pretty vintage brooches!

A Creepy Crocodile Skin Purse With Feet :0

This kind of creeped us out! It was sort of hidden in the room with the 1920's flapper dresses. The crocodile feet still have their claws on... ewww. Poor croc!

Vintage Nurses Uniform

Then when you are done looking at all of the unique vintage clothing and fashions you can take a seat here on this art deco sofa... (I WANT it!)

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